Greetings fellow homesteaders! Whether you are interested in learning how to homestead, want to learn more about permaculture, self-sustainable and off-grid living, or maybe just want to know how to raise a chicken or two, this site is for you.

My name is Leon Calhoun, the reluctant homesteader. I am a retired police officer and my wife and I recently moved to eastern New Mexico to be closer to her mother. We now live on a farm/ranch with over 800 acres, although most is currently in a soil conservation program, so only around 75 acres is available for pasture and other use.

I had never lived on a farm/ranch before, so began researching how I could best make use of the land to be more self sustainable, such as growing our own food and raising our own livestock. What I found is there is a wealth of pertinent information on the internet in videos and blogs, as well as published books. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of information overload and does take considerable time researching before you find what you are specifically looking for.

That is the reason I created Homesteadinfo.com. My goal is to help fellow homesteaders find readily available content quickly and easily by putting valuable content in one convenient location. The site will be continuously updated with new content and be placed in categories based on information the content provides.

We also hope to add a directory of homesteaders across the United States that sell their own products so we can help support each other. Another planned addition is a community site with similar features to Facebook and forum software for homesteaders to connect with one another with similar interests.


Leon Calhoun aka The Reluctant Homesteader

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