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Jam Galette – The Elliott Homestead

This is one of my very favorite wintertime treats to make: jam galette. The good news is that the crust is so incredibly versatile that once you learn the very simple technique on making it, you can make an unlimited amount of meals! All that you’re limited by is your creative energy!

And dishes. Dishes always limit me.

Well, I’d like to make a chocolate cake, but who will wash the dishes? Not I, said the fly.

Just kidding. It’s me. It’s always me.

Did you know that we have friends who follow this rule: whoever cooks doesn’t clean. Can you even? I would cook all the things, all the time. Cream puffs? You got it! Oven spicy fries? Yes! Doughnuts for breakfast? Of course! But enough whining about dishes. Let’s bake!

Think: roasted beet galette with goal cheese and herbs, pesto chicken galette with arugula, strawberry and marscapone galette with fresh mint, and on it goes. Sweet. Savory. I’ll take it all!

I first shared the recipes for this galette dough years ago right here (printable recipe included!). If you’d like to watch me make the jam galette to gather techniques, you can watch this week’s YouTube episode right here:

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